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It took us some time, but now we're confident to say:

"PMA is back - back for good!"

Introducing: openPMA v0.1.1 - Zebra

This is the first public Release for the openPMA project. As you can see in the Changelog we have done quite a lot of work and tried many ideas until we were satisfied with what we achieved. There are many new things. Let me only mention a few:

  • auto adjusting clock after establishing a WLAN connection
  • Samba server and client - access your PMA as a file share over the Network.
  • improved automounting USB mass storage devices - now supporting more filesystem types: ntfs (read only), ext3, ext2, reiserfs, ...
  • added a screen keyboard with localization support
  • compiled PIM applications that can be downloaded directly via package management onto the PMA

Although we think this release is pretty stable because it has been in a broad beta test you should keep some things in mind:

  • this is version 0.1 - Don't expect it to be as feature rich or stable as a 1.0 release should be.
  • it may have new bugs
  • it may still have old bugs
  • it may corrupt your data if something happens we have not foreseen
  • it requires you to hack the bootloader in order to run it
  • it may bite your cat or yell at your dog ;-)

Some things you should do prior to installing openPMA:

Known Issues:

  • the Zebra won't boot if you have installed too many files into the progfs (e.g. Perl or other packages using many files)
  • the Zebra won't automagically sync time on usb-ethernet connections
  • connecting a gps reciever via USB or USB2serial seems to have a problem. We'll try to fix it asap.

If you have problems join the openPMA users mailing list

There will be soon more info about the Zebra release and the openPMA project as a whole. e.g. a issue tracker, subversion, etc.

Here's the link to openPMA - Zebra - working-hdd-driver edition!

Here are the links to openPMA - Zebra - april fools day edition! [ MD5 ]

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