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The Archos PMA400 is a cross over between a Portable Media Player and a Personal Digital Assistant. It features a custom chip by Texas Instruments that combines an OMAP1510 and a DM270 on one chip. Both CPUs are double core CPUs with an ARM core and a DSP-core each making the PMA have four processing cores. Only one of the cores is accessible for execution of standard programs, the others are reserved for the multimedia functionality (video decoding, video encoding, audio) and can only be accessed via a library provided by Archos.

For some indepth information on the PMA's architecture see those slides[1] shown at the Trolltech Developer Days 2005 - Munich, Germany.

[edit] Internals Photos

Here you can see PMA internals photos (Thx to g1zmo)

Jbmm.fr forum (Thx to Archosjmm)

[edit] Processors

OMAP5910 Main Processor

TMS320DM270 Video Chipset (seems to be used for DSP video encoding/decoding)

[edit] Interesting information on the pma400 hardware

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