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[edit] neat maps for qpeGPS

Can be generated here:

This is a frontend to google maps.

Copy them to /opt/Qtopia/qpegps/maps and edit the maps.txt found there.

[edit] move maps directory of qpeGPS to first partition

So you can easily add new maps etc from your desktop PC.

 mv /opt/Qtopia/qpegps/maps /media/

This will move the directory and it's contents to /media

Now you can either link the old directory to the new one:

 ln -s /media/maps /opt/Qtopia/qpegps/maps

(This will link the directory to the old location so qpeGPS still can find the maps.)

Or you click away the error messages upon start and go to the config and choose the right directory from the file dialogue.

[edit] Restoring old behaviour on Corsair

go to the console and enter:

 rm -rf /root/Corsair
 ln -s /media/Corsair /root/Corsair

If you installed Corsair for the first time there is no Corsair folder on the FAT32 partition. You'll need to do:

 mkdir /media/Corsair

You're done! Corsair will now find its config files in the Corsair folder on the FAT32 partition.

[edit] Enabling the Samba Server

  • flip in the screen keyboard or attach usb keyboard
  • open the console
  • type in the following:
mkdir -p /progfs/etc/rc.d/init.d
cp /etc/rc.d/init.d/K90samba /progfs/etc/rc.d/init.d/S90samba
  • press Return/Enter after every line
  • reboot

You'll now be able to access the PMA HDD as a network share.

[edit] Accessing Music & Video across NFS

You can play mp3 and avi files with you PMA using wireless NFS connection.

  • on the Linux host edit /etc/exports. Here's an example that

assumes you have your mp3 files stored in /home/Music:

 /home/Music        *(sync,ro)

Restart NFS. This varies between distros. In general, as root

 /etc/init.d/nfs...... restart

On the PMA using the terminal app, create an empty directory under /media. For example:

 mkdir /media/Music/mingus

Then issue the mount command for your host using it's IP address. In this example it's

 mount -t nfs /media/Music/mingus

Wait for the prompt to return. It can take several minutes, so play a game, listen to a couple of tunes and keep checking back.

When the prompt returns issue an ls to your mounted directory. You should see your host's files. The files will be accessible from the PMA video & audio apps.

[edit] Access files shared via FTP and SMB (Windows-style network share)

See this article: Connecting Linux or UNIX system to Network attached storage device

[edit] Media Conversion (Transcoding)

The PMA has a relatively limited range of audio and video codecs that it supports although the openPMA project has done some sterling work in adding new codecs.

As a result, it may be necessary to convert or transcode media you have to a format that is supported by the PMA.

[edit] Windows-based Transcoding

Andrew's site has some tutorials in the Getting Started section.

I've used Switch Plus Sound File Conversion Software to convert FLAC files to WAV.

I've used dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC) to convert APE files to WAV.

Any Video Converter is a freeware program that can work with many formats. Xvid output is supported.

AVS Video Converter is supposed to be able to convert amongst other things WMV to Xvid-encoded AVI. I've not tried it myself, but a trial version can be downloaded for testing.

[edit] Linux-based Transcoding

Gnormalize can convert many audio formats to MP3, WAV, OGG and MPC. Wolvix Hunter 1.0.5 includes it out of the box. I've used it to convert some AAC files to MP3, and FLAC to WAV.flac -d *.flac

FLACs can also be converted from the command line like so:

flac -d *.flac

Transcode is excellent for transcoding video files to xvid-enabled AVIs and is also included in Wolvix Hunter. A simple example command line:

transcode -i blah.mpg -o blah.avi -y xvid

Kyle "greenfly" Rankin wrote an excellent Linux Multimedia Hacks book which has some PMA-specific tips.

Media conversion in Linux: Using mencoder/ffmpeg/transcode and other media related scripts

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