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[edit] Welcome to the bleeding edge!

This page is for those who are not afraid of installing untested software that might bite their dog, scare their cat or simply work.

We recommend you subscribe to the mailing lists. Many of us are hanging out in IRC too.

There are some things to keep in mind:

  • Read and to find out what's happening lately and what features / breakage can be expected from a nightly build.
  • Backup your files!
  • This is unsupported automatically built software. It might be broken! If something strange happens check openPMA:IssueTracker first if it has been reported.
  • Issue tickets for nightlies should be reported as version "trunk" and add "nightly" to the keywords and fill in your correct and not obfuscated email address.
  • Backup your files!
  • Use the developer mailing list for discussion about nightly builds. Make sure to include the Date on which the aimages you are reporting on were built! (Note the build date is now reported in the system info applet!)
  • Backup your files! - We might be working on something that _really_ might accidentially break things.
  • The nightlies are built from trunk. At the moment this is code that will someday be released as 0.3. There are no nightlies for the 0.2.x branch.

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