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[edit] hardware

  • the pma has a prism wifi card that can work in ap(acess point) mode
  • you need an usb wired card, the compatibilty list is avaliable here

[edit] build the software

  • first we can test the ap mode:
cardctrl insert # that brings us the card because it's disactivated by default
iwconfig # get you the name of your wifi card
ifconfig eth0 up # if your card is eth0
iwconfig eth0 mode master
iwconfig eth0 channel 1 essid "test"

then you can on your desktop use your favorite wifi tool in order to see if you can see your pma 430

[edit] iptables/netfilter

we need iptalbes and netfilter in order to transfer the connection comming from one interface to the other: so we need:

  • an aimage.img with netfilter inside
  • iptables compiled for the pma

iptables is the userspace tool and netfilter is the kernel part

[edit] setup

use this link to setup your build environment

[edit] dnsmasq

i used dnsmasq 2.3.4

here the build script


export OPENPMA_DIR=/opt/openpma

export ARCH=arm
export AR=arm-linux-ar
export AS=arm-linux-as
export CC=arm-linux-gcc
export CPP=$OPENPMA_DIR/bin/cpp
export LD=arm-linux-ld
export NM=arm-linux-nm
export RANLIB=arm-linux-ranlib
export STRIP=arm-linux-strip

export CFLAGS="-march=armv4 -mtune=arm9tdmi -Os -mlittle-endian"
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