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OMAP5910 is a System On Chip From Texas Instrument (TI)

Its used in PMA Archos product: PMA400

Referenced: OMAP5910JGZG 42AI6LW 4


[edit] History

It's also known as 1510/Innovator 1510 beacuse first hardware made with that OMAP was TI Innovator 1510 PDA

[edit] Hardware Specs


The TI925 is an ARMv4T architecture.

Support Thumb extension
Support Embedded Trace Macrocell extension (ETM9)

TMS320C55x DSP

[edit] ARM Programming

ARM Assembler instruction Set (Quick reference card) (6 pages)

ARM Developer Suite (Assembler Guide) (360 pages)

ARM assembly Tutorial

[edit] Some Usefull Links

OMAP5910 TI Main Page (TI site)

TI Data Manual (TI site)

ARM9 Family (ARM site)

OMAP Audio Design

OMAP5910 Block Diagram

DSP Gateway Nokia project to easy access CPU/DSP on TI OMAP architecture

Linux Patches for OMAP

TI OMAP Linux Mailing List

TI OMAP Linux website

OMAP Starter Kit for Dummies

[edit] Technical Documentations

OMAP5910/TMS320C55x Technical Documents

Programming the DSP MMU in the OMAP5910

OMAP5910 Video Encoding And Decoding

TMS320c55x Bootloader

OMAP 5910 Block Chart (chineese)

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