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Welcome to the openPMA wiki!

openPMA is an open-source project that aims to implement an improved operating system for the Archos Personal Media Assistant, short "PMA". The PMA is a portable video/audio player and recorder with built-in Wi-Fi, a 30 GB harddisk and PDA-functionality that uses Linux/Qtopia as an operating system. You can find official information about it here:

english Wikipedia page about Archos and the PMA

Due to a hack of the PMA's bootloader, it is now possible to modify the PMA's operating system which resides in a file called "aimage.img". You will find information about the bootloader hack and how to apply it here, following the link "PMA Bootloader Hack/Homebrew Firmware":

About openPMA

Technical information about the PMA:


We are happy to accept contributed packages (source code, build-scripts and binaries) to the openPMA svn repository and package feed. Packages should be under GPL or a similar license. If you have a package ready to run you feel that should be available to openPMA users, drop an email to team at openpma org. This is not a call for feature requests and packages to be fixed by us...

Mailing lists

Mailing lists have been set up for users[1] and developers[2].


See the Current events page for more detailed news!

Happy new 2008/1984 and some news update

During the last few months we've made good progress towards a 0.3 release of openPMA. We still have not resolved all issues but are confident to do so soon.

Also the ARCwelder project gave us a new twist and we're happy to now officially announce a long term project we've also been working on: openPMA-nextGeneration

We've got a wiki, mailing list and IRC-channel set up and are waiting for your contributions.

Generally it looks like we're going to see many interesting things this year! - So stay tuned!

--dm8tbr 00:11, 2 January 2008 (CET)

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