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A small (hopefully soon to grow) HowTo on installing and using the kdePIM packages.


[edit] Installing

Use the package manger on the pma and choose network installation. Use the openPMA:Feed to obtain the desired packages.

All kdePIM packages depend on kmicrokdelibs, so make sure you install them too!

[edit] SetUp

All kdePIM applications have a common basic settings structure plus application dependant settings.

NOTE: At the moment some configuration dialogues are not completely visible. We are testing new packages fixing those issues at the moment. Stay tuned and check the openpma-users mailing list [1] for announcements or subscribe to the developer mailing list [2] if you want to help testing new packages.

[edit] Usage

Most applications work quite ok.

There are some known glitches we will hopefully fix in the near future. Check our issue tracker openPMA:IssueTracker and the developer mailing list [3] for further details.

[edit] Sync

There is a quite detailed documentation available at pi-sync:

Syncing via TCP to another kdePIM (e.g. on a desktop computer) works fine on the pma. Evangineer has done this and should write it up some day!

[edit] ToDo (for this HowTo)

  • add screenshots
  • more verbose description of config
  • small sync howto, very detailed info already available at pi-sync, so no need for a big one.
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