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This page has been obsoleted by the TRAC system. Most topics on the todo list might be out of date.

Please do not add topics to this page! Use the issue tracker instead! This helps us to assess and delegate issues and give you feedback (as long as you leave your contact details inside the ticket


  1. a stable slightly modified archos image (bug fixes have absolute priority over new features)
  2. improvements to the filesystems (in other words: bigger changes with more impact, also more bugs)
    1. migrate towards unionfs to get all paths writeable. changes go to ram! -> non persistent (unless we write some script that saves them on clean reboot)
    2. remove certain, not often needed parts from rootfs and put them into an unionfs on the harddisk (will give us more RAM. yeah!)
  3. on long term maybe going towards opie


This is a collection of thoughts and ideas rather than an ordered todo-list broken down to single problems. It may refer to openPMA-related problems or to problems related to the official firmware.

  • different runlevels (openPMA)
  • write an openPMA-configurator that lets the user decide what components should be in his aimage (openPMA)
  • write a much nicer resume-application (Archos) Like this[1]
  • merge Opie with openPMA (openPMA)
  • make GUI use 16-bit colours instead of 8-bit (Archos)
  • port SDL to the PMA using the PMA's special hardware (Archos)
  • write an application that displays just the VideoIn (openPMA)
  • check if encoding bitrate can be set somehow (openPMA)
  • GUI frontend to "mount --bind $somepath /media/Video/Recordings" (openPMA)
  • auto-lock of keys (openPMA)
  • GUI frontend for controling services to be started at boot (openPMA)
  • find a way to remap the A-, home- and list-keys to different keycodes (openPMA)
  • support for external CD-drive (openPMA)
  • ripping from external CD-drive including conversion to mp3 (openPMA)
  • multiboot (openPMA)
  • make music player start in /media/Music (Archos)
  • better shuffle mode in music player (Archos)
  • playlist functionality for video player (Archos)
  • screen rotation (openPMA)
  • streaming for media player (Archos)
  • boot from storage attached to USB host (openPMA)
  • start wifi connexion at boot up if wanted (openPMA)
  • restart wifi connexion on resume if it was activated (openPMA)
  • support for web cams (openPMA)
  • auto-update feature (openPMA)
  • integrate portmap to improve nfs performance (openPMA)
  • add right-to-left input for Arabic, Hebrew a.s.o. (openPMA)
  • Automatic shutdown of the IRDA after starting for less battery consumed (added by unknown person - to be checked for feasibility)
  • Automatic shutdown of Wifi (diconnect card) after 2 min without find any open access point for less battery consumed (added by unknown person - to be checked for feasibility)
  • aac-codec for media players (plugin) . AAC is knowned as m4a, and an open source lib could be faad2
  • Fix music media player bug to prevent it from fast forwarding through tracks (happens usually with long playlists ??)
  • Smarter caching of playlists -- should not take 4 minutes to load a large one -- should simply play and load, giving UI priority. Relevant to the FFWD bug? (added by Andrew -- please verify for feasibility)
  • add a video/audio transcoding program even if its slower than real time using processor emulation. (digital camera formats especially)
  • record internet radios (mp3 streams) to HD on the fly while listening
  • play (and record) NSV streams
  • support for WPA/WPA2 WiFi security
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