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Raphaƫl Junqueira

Software Quality Developer

Interesting Coding Competencies: C++, C, OpenGL, Qt, kde, ...

[edit] I'm interested on having

  • a lower use of memory for the kernel (and active swap)
because PTP photos transfer using QPhoto2 need memory :)
  • a better video/music player:
more ergonomic
more eye-candy 
more formats 

Note: I have begin to implement one, but i need to understand how to use AVPlayer interface

  • an accelerated graphic lib (libSDL?) to easy port of applications
  • really usable PDA applications

[edit] What i'm working on

  • re-writing Av500 Qt drivers to use newer Qt-2 versions
currently status: building OK and some functionalities are working

[edit] What i'm not more working on (for future)

 Currently it begins to load and parse files
 Understand how to send video (in a clean way) to video player
 Audio/Sound synchronisation
 Full build successfull (edb, eet, evas, ecore, ..., eem)
 Some samples works but evas canvas directly use fb interface so only 8bpp available
 (=> many crash on complex graphic samples)
 Implement an evas canvas to use PMA capabilities:
 - 16bpp (using Yuv framebuffer)
 - HW accelerated graphics (using DSP)
 When all will work, implement an ergonomic player based on eem (and AVplayer) :)
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