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TMS320DM270 is a System On Chip From Texas Instrument (TI)

It's used in many Archos products: Pma400, Av400, Gmini400

and others PMP as:

- Neuros 442 (dissection) Interting part is it's opensource firmware neuro open-source Portal

- iriver PMP-1XX Some gpled source of the firmware

- Epson P-2000

- Sony HMP-A1 -

Referenced: TMS320DM70 $4B 3AAC0CW GHK

[edit] Ideas

Archos seems to use it as graphic chipset (see Framebuffer).

And as it's mainly features are about streaming/encoding/decoding mpeg/wmv videos,

i think it's DSP is mainly used by Archos for video playback

[edit] Hardware Specs


TMS320VC5409 DSP

[edit] Some Usefull Links

TMS320DM270 TI Main Page

TMS320DM270 Hardware Reference Design

TI Fact Sheet

TI Specs Brochure

Aditech Specs (chineese site)

Memory Map

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