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Welcome to the openPMA wiki!

openPMA is an open-source project that aims to implement an improved operating system for the Archos Personal Media Assistant, short "PMA". The PMA is a portable video/audio player and recorder with built-in Wi-Fi, a 30 GB harddisk and PDA-functionality that uses Linux/Qtopia as an operating system. You can find official information about it here:

Due to a hack of the PMA's bootloader, it is now possible to modify the PMA's operating system which resides in a file called "aimage.img". You will find information about the bootloader hack and how to apply it here, following the link "PMA Bootloader Hack/Homebrew Firmware":

About openPMA

Technical information about the PMA:

Mailing lists

Mailing lists have been set up for users[1] and developers[2].


See the Current events page for more news!

The Zebra is on the loose!

openPMA v0.1 has been released! Get it while it's still hot!

musepack decoder

There is yet another new audio decoder for the pma, this time it brings you the possibility to play musepack files! - news item

ogg/vorbis decoder

There is a new audio decoder for ogg/vorbis on the pma! - news item

openPMA 0.1 RC2

openPMA 0.1 RC2 is currently being evaluated by our fine crew of testers. - news item